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Check IP Address :: Class C Bulk IP Address Checker Article

Class C Bulk IP Address Checker

By Support Bulk Class C IP Address Checker

A web master's worse nightmare is waking up one morning to find traffic to his web site has dropped by 80%, overnight - his site has been banned by the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN!.

One reason why this could have happened is by linking web sites together with the same Class C block IP address, or subnet address. Search engines use complex algorithms to check the real popularity or ranking of a web site, webmasters sometimes try to circumvent this and boast their own rankings by linking their own sites together.

The huge rise in the number of websites over the last few years has forced the major search engines to "get tough" with what many call "black hat" search engine optimization techniques, these include hidden text, doorway pages, smartpages and link farms.

Search engines often view the practice of linking sites from the same owner/operator as "linking incest", and more commonly known as "Search Engine Spamming" and it can result in some or all of the sites being banned by the major search engines.

One of the ways the search engines check if a bunch of web sites are owned by the same webmaster is to test if they are using the same Class C Block IP Address, or subnet address, which is an easy test.

To avoid this potentially disastrous event from occurring on your network of web sites use this new free web tool to check your sites. Additionally also check who you're linking to, as this can also cause your site to be downgraded or penalized if you are found to be linking to a bad neighborhood.

Key Features

  • Quickly test a large list of domains

  • Load from a simple text file for easy repeat testing and documentation

  • Sort for duplicate Class C IP address's in seconds

  • Save report as a CSV file for easy export into Excel

  • Checks for both duplicate Class C Block address's and also Class C sub-block address's.