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How To Check Your IP Address

If you don't know your IP address and it becomes important for you to know what it is, you will want to perform an IP check, here is your chance to learn the basics and how to discover what it is. First, you need to know that any computer and other kind of devices that are connected to a network have a distinct numerical address, by which other nodes on the network are able to communicate with them.

To put it simply, an IP address, or an Internet Protocol address, is what identifies or differentiates a computer or a device from other computer or devices on the internet. When someone connects to the internet, the device they are using is automatically assigned an IP address.

Every computer connected to the internet must have an iP address assigned to it

The IP address appears as a string of numbers. This string of numbers can be used in various instances; for example- when someone wants to remotely access their computer.
There are two types of IP addresses that a TCP/IP network uses - public/ external and private/internal.

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. TCP/IP is a term assigned to network communications where data across IP networks is delivered by the TCP transport. Internet servers such as DSN servers and servers for websites use public IP addresses, the same as network routers and computers that are connected to the internet via a modem.

Local networks such as home, school and business LANs use private IP addresses. In case of devices with a private IP addresses, the connection to the Internet is not done directly.
It is possible that a network device will have more IP addresses, since each of its network interfaces will be assigned a unique IP address.

So, how can I check my IP address? A network router usually possesses 2 IP addresses, the private address facilitates communication will all devices connected on the local network, and the public address facilitates connection with external networks or the Internet.

Router IP Address

The private address is often set to a default number. The address's for well know routers such as Linksys are also well known. Each brand of router will have its default private address listed in the documentation of the manufacturer. You can change this IP address either during router setup or after that, at any time. The address is displayed on the administrative console of the router and you can change it from there.

The external address of the router is also displayed on the administrative console. You can also check this address by using lookup services, use any computer on the home LAN (Local Area Network) to visit any web-based IP address lookup service you wish.

In order to check IP details, it is important to know which IP address is being used by your computer, phone or other device when you connect to the Internet and which address is being shown. On a home network, the address that is being used to communicate online is, in most cases, the same with the public address that is being kept by your home router.

If you use a client device and want to check your IP address, you have to use the lookup service again. Open a browser window and navigate to a website that provides such services, you can easily find a few if you do a simple Google search, such as 'what is my IP address", or you can go to this page and it will tell you what IP address your internet connection is currently using.

But remember that for most people their IP address is dynamically allocated by their internet service provider and it can change at any time, but often it will stay the same for many days, weeks and even months.

This is important information to remember if you have a problem with a certain website or internet service who may have blocked your IP address for some reason. Their reason may be because they think you are causing them trouble, abusing their website, hacking into their website or just simply over using the free services that they provide, in any case they have blocked you from accessing their website using your IP address

It is quite easy for website owners/webmasters to do this, it is a simple task to add your IP address into a control panel setting that blocks users. If this has happened to you and you want to regain access to that particular website you will need to change your IP address

The website will look display the IP address which is being used to support the connection on the Internet of your device. However, it is not the client itself that is assigned this address, but the router (or some other network gateway).

Check IP Address Using Windows

So, how to check my IP on Windows? If you use a modern version of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7), you can run the ipconfig utility like this:

  • Go to the Start Menu and insert “cmd” in the box at the bottom of the menu; it will open the Windows Command Prompt (after you press Enter).

  • Type in “ipconfig” and press Enter again; it will run Windows IP Configuration utility, which displays IP addresses for all network adapters that are installed on your computer. You will see a list of various IP numbers that are assigned to your PC.

  • If you use a Wi-Fi connection, you will see the active IP address displayed under the section Wireless LAN Adapter - Wireless Network Connection; otherwise, if connected via Ethernet, the active IP address will be displayed in the section of the ipconfig output - Ethernet Adapter - Local Area Connection.

  • Both IP addresses are active and displayed when you are connected to both networks at the same time.

This is how you check IP address details. It's easier than it seams, really. You can also use the Network and Sharing Center of the Control Panel to check IP details. The Connections section displayed on the right side will show the hyperlink for the current active connection, you have to click on Details in the newly displayed window in order to see information about the IP address.

You can also run the ipconfig utility on Linux; the IP address will be listed near “eth0”.
As you can see, it is not that hard to check IP address as long as you know where to look what to click on.