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Tips For Buying Website Hosting

Needless to say, but if you have your own web site the choice of how and where it is hosted is important to your success as an affiliate or internet marketer, so please give this subject the due care and attention that it deserves.

Web hosting in a nut shell is the process where you pay another company to store your web site on one of it's computers, which has a permanent high speed connection to the internet. You normally pay a monthly rate but most companies offer a good discount or free setup if you pay for 1 year or more in advance.

For a lot of reasons it simply does not make any sense to try and do this yourself, unless you have a major website and deep pockets. So for 99% of us we need to select a hosting company.

One point to note immediately is that choosing and registering a domain name is a separate activity from choosing a hosting company, although most companies do offer both services.

After choosing and registering a domain name you do not have to use the same company for the hosting. One of the reasons for not using the same company is because some have great domain name services but their hosting service not quite right for you. For example I use Godaddy.com and One and One for all my domain name registrations but I host the web site at a number of different companies.

The reason I like GoDaddy for domain name registration is because they offer very good prices, their web site is easy to navigate and use and because they offer private registration which keeps all my contact information private.

The key factors to look for in a hosting package are:

  • Sufficient disk space
  • Sufficient monthly bandwidth
  • Sufficient free email accounts
  • Good support system and help desk
  • Telephone support is available
  • High reliability
  • Frontpage Extensions